Playing obscure, older games can be demanding. Lesser-known games are by definition underdiscussed, so it can be difficult to learn about them and get your hands on copies. Then you actually have to play them, and many do not work on modern devices. If you don’t have experience with the right technology, familiarity with gaming culture, and significant time to invest in the whole process, big chunks of gaming are simply not accessible for you. That’s unfair, especially to people from varying cultural and economic backgrounds.

Luckily, the web is filled with resources for discovering, obtaining, and playing old and obscure games. To provide greater access to the tools, knowledge, and experts you might need, I’ve compiled the best of them into this guide. The more we share these sorts of resources, the easier it will be for everyone to dive into obscurities.

This guide deals primarily with obscure computer games from the 80s to early 2000s, the same sorts of games covered by the scope of this blog (see the About page), as well as sometimes recent, small independent games. These are many of the same resources I use for this blog and my research!

These pages are always works-in-progress, so please feel free to send suggestions or additions!