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It’s that time of year again… with a twist!

This Halloween, I’m hosting the All-Day Tea Party Spooktacular for Trans Rights 2020, a livestream marathon to raise money for Trans Lifeline!

Trans Lifeline is a non-profit organization that provides microgrants and support services for trans people in North America. I’m excited to raise money for them as part of their Trans Heart October charity drive.

Last year we blew past our ambitious stretch goal of $1000, so this year, I’m setting the goal at $1250! It’s a bit lower than the total we raised last time, but with finances tighter during the pandemic, I want to make sure it’s a goal we can reach. And if we hit the goal, we can keep going!

Normally, I do my annual charity marathon livestream in November around my birthday. Unfortunately, my birthday is the week after the US presidential election, and I just do not want to deal with the aftermath of that. So instead, I’m bumping it forward to Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I’m gonna go all out making this stream spooky as hell.

Content hasn’t been decided yet, but as with every year, in the spirit of this blog, we’ll be playing weird old games and software. We’ll definitely play some old horror games. Plus, look forward to more donation incentives, which may involve strange novelty sodas. And as always, I’ll be drinking plenty of tea and taking breaks! Even though this is a marathon stream, I want to be sure we’re taking care of ourselves. Bring your own tea! Maybe something fall-y. I should probably get pumpkin spice tea, right?

The stream starts on October 31 at 10am EDT and will go as long as I’m feeling up for it. Streaming more often has helped me build up my endurance, so maybe we’ll get closer to that fabled 24-hour stream this time? Who knows!

See you on Halloween at… if you dare!

UPDATE (10/29): Here’s the schedule for the stream! All times are Eastern. Schedule is subject to change; things will shift around over time. And maybe if we really enjoy something, we’ll stick with it for longer!

10:00am Realms of the Haunting, a spooky live-action shooter where you investigate a haunted mansion.
12:00pm Ballistics, the fastest racing game on the planet. Not a Halloween game, but it’s become tradition during the charity streams to try and fail at this absurdly fast game. Photosensitivity warning!
1:00pm Stephen King’s F13: Ctrl, Alt, …Shiver, a horror-themed software toy collection featuring… SCREAMSAVERS.
2:00pm Afterlife, a city simulation game where you manage heaven and hell.
3:00pm Spider, a PlayStation game starring a scientist trapped in the brain of a cyborg spider.
4:00pm H.E.D.Z: Head Extreme Destruction Zone, a 3D platformer with over 200 playable characters. You play as an alien collecting “heads” that transform you into different people. That’s like Halloween costumes, right?
5:00pm 2K5, an extremely jank fighting game with a bunch of weird ugly monster characters. This game seems to be incredibly unbalanced, so we’ll see if we can figure out which character is most broken.
6:00pm Moon w/ Misty De Meo! This isn’t the Moon that came out for the Switch recently; this is a spooky Japanese game for the Macintosh! I’m super excited that Misty De Meo is joining me on-stream for this one!
7:30pm Dinner break!
8:30pm The Trivia Monster. If you don’t know The Trivia Monster, prepare yourself. It might seem like a boring 35-year-old trivia game, but it might be the scariest game on this list.
9:00pm BloodNet, a cyberpunk vampire RPG! We’ll be spending a little more time with this one to get deeper into it.
11:00pm Garage: Bad Dream Adventure, a dark and moody Japanese adventure game that recently got an English fan translation!
12:00am Hugo’s House of Horrors, a DOS adventure game in a haunted house. A lot of people seem to love this one, but I’ve never played it, so I may as well play it on Halloween!
12:30am skull , an indie game about skull.
1:00am Burger Burger: Hamburger Simulation, a fast food restaurant management game for the PlayStation. Burger Burger is entirely in Japanese, so we’ll see how much I’m able to play this one!
2:00am Who knows?! I’ll probably be dead at this point or will need to stop to avoid making too much noise late at night.

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