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The state of CD-ROMs, September 1991 Essay category

Stack of CD-ROMs

Denise Caruso, a writer for the 1990s trade journal Digital Media, uploaded an archive of the magazine’s articles. One particularly fascinating issue from September 1991 featured a few lengthy pieces about the CD-ROM, storage mediums, and the future of the “new breed of interactive developers” who used them. This is invaluable information that explains why developers made interactive movies and flocked to the new device and captures the early days of the format in microcosm. What follows is a summary of that information so you don’t have to comb through it. With, of course, added commentary and additional sources. The state of CD-ROMs, September 1991 » Read more

Duracell: Run the Bunny Other category

Title screen from Duracell: Run the Bunny

Duracell: Run the Bunny might be the only game that I legitimately cannot understand. Even the weirdest ones have an intelligible premise or plot. Take LSD, a PlayStation game about acid trips and bad dreams. Although there’s no clear goals or objectives, no matter how abstract it became, the game still had a straightforward idea that could be concisely summarized in a few sentences.

Not so with Run the Bunny. Need an example? You can enable sound effects or music.

UPDATE: New unsettling information about Run the Bunny, straight from the developer’s mouth. Duracell: Run the Bunny » Read more