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Title screen from Robomaze II

Effectively, Robomaze II was the first Robomaze game. It takes place in a massive building called the Tower. Robomaze I was set in the basement, and it never saw release outside a bundle collection. That doesn’t matter too much because this one jumps right in.

In Robomaze II, the player controls a robot under the command of freedom fighters from the Resistance taking down a repressive dictator by battling through his tower, one floor at a time. The setup is ripe for potential for interesting level designs. Each floor is on a single screen, which lends itself to rapid-fire progression as you scale up the Tower, climbing over office furniture as you lay waste to the dictator’s army of killer robots.

This is a very particular game though, and that doesn’t always lend itself well to the high-rise platforming in Robomaze II. » Read more about Robomaze II

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